In A Few But Not All Cases A Laser Can Be Used In This Type Of Occlusion To Help Control Bleeding And Swelling, And Can Mean That Sight Improves A Little.

I can only hope that science, logic and common sense will prevail in the end. When evaluating the validity of claims of improved visual acuity in any study in the literature, one has to be aware of the possibility that apparent “improvement” in visual acuity can simply be the result of multiple artefacts in visual acuity testing which is often done by technicians. Retinal vascular occlusion is a potentially serious condition. This treatment causes the arteries of the retina to widen dilate. In a few but not all cases a laser can be used in this type of occlusion to help control bleeding and swelling, and can mean that sight improves a little. -Hemorrhage in all 4 quadrants dot/blot in cpl and NFL haemorrhages pallid area = ischemia pointing towards fovea--> poor A differential: diabetic retinopathy but there are haemorrhages in all 4 quadrants, veins dilated and tortuous, but this is Unilateral! Some people may experience short periods of sight loss for a few seconds every now and again, before they experience a more permanent loss of vision. The panel reported that intravitreal anti-VEGF therapy is safe and effective over 2 years for macular enema and that delayed treatment is associated with worse visual outcomes.

Blindness.lso can result. The clot-busting drug, tissue plasminogen activator CPA The health care provider should look for the cause of the blockage. Medications used to treat retinal vein occlusion include: anti vascular endothelial growth factor anti-VEGF drugs such as aflibercept Eylea and ranibizumab Lucentis, which are injected into the eye corticosteroid drugs that are injected into your eye to control the swelling In some cases, laser therapy can be used to break down the blockage in the blood vessels and to keep more damage from occurring. Overall, this study suggests that the Rex implant could be a valuable treatment option for eyes with visual loss due to CRVO. If the intra ocular pressure goes very high and is not controlled by the above medical regimen, then we add graduated cyclocryotherapy or other graduated cycloablation procedures. Medline .

Retinal vascular occlusion